LEGO Resort Helps Employees Bond And Become A Stronger Team

Theme park hosts team building events and conferences within its resort.

When you think of LEGOLAND, you probably conjure up images of children having fun with toy building blocks. However, the LEGOLAND in Windsor, U.K., hopes to change the theme park’s perception and target audience with its newly opened resort space. The resort hotel now offers business packages for companies to host their next team building event or conference. Delegates can expect to be involved with “unique LEGO themed challenges” to bond with fellow team members, rather than having to sit through dull PowerPoint slides.

Some of the team building challenges include the LEGO Coaster, LEGO Creator, LEGO Quest, and LEGO Architect. In the LEGO Coaster for example, teams need to use specially designed rods, joints, and ties, to build a roller-coaster or bridge spanning a certain distance.