Need To Know: Themes Running Through PSFK’s New Print Magazine

As we do our final proof before the first issue of Need To Know goes to print, there were three take-aways gleaned from the contributions



As we do our final proof before the first issue of Need To Know goes to print, I feel that there were some take-aways I gleaned from the contributions, reports and interviews. Here are three key themes running through the magazine content:


Good ideas take time. Good ideas come from messiness. A good idea rarely comes from a moment of divine inspiration instead it comes by taking a bunch of ideas and throwing them at the wall, jumping up and down on them, stretching them, revealing them, defending them, deleting them. Good ideas are forged by twisting molten inspiration over time.


Too many corporations are focused at the wrong stage of innovation. They spend all their time on idea generation and ignore the need for delivery. Ideas can be bought – there’s no shortage of creative individuals and agencies available for hire. Large corporations need to spend more time and more money on ensuring they are nimble enough to process new ideas and stop worrying about finding them.


Success can be found in mature markets by twisting the formula a little. Founders can use heart and their gut-instincts to form brands with a difference and create companies with products that people can both understand quickly and love forever.

The magazine will be distributed to all NYC conference attendees on Friday and we will be mailing orders next week.

PSFK’s Need To Know Magazine