Convertible Stilettos House Secret Ballet Flats [Pics]

Convertible Stilettos House Secret Ballet Flats [Pics]

2-in-1 high heels with inner liners that turn into comfortable walking shoes.

Yi Chen

The Ambi Platform is a killer stiletto but with a comfortable twist. Discretely hidden inside these shoes is a pair of ballet flats that can be easily taken out and put back in. The designer behind these removable liners is Sheena Young, a chemist and a PH.D. student at the Johns Hopkins University. She wanted to address the problem of women having to wear painful high heels at the end of a long night out, and not having to resort to walking barefoot.

The Ambi shoes are also eco-friendly made from sustainable materials, including natural organic fibers. They are lightweight, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. The insole flats are odor-resistant and have anti-bacterial qualities, which can be ‘recharged’ under direct sunglight. A pair of these convertible heels are available online from $70 at Nael Coce.

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Ambi Platform