Vintage Store Offers Clothes Previously Worn By Famous Fashionistas

An online pop-up shop to showcase second-hand items curated by tastemakers from their closets.

Finding valuable second-hand clothes on eBay can be a tough task as you would often find chain-store retail brands than actual boutique items. Co-founder Jie Zheng hopes to change this with her new startup fashion company called Material Wrld. Described as an online pop-up store, the website allows you to purchase items from your “favorite tastemakers.”

Currently, Material Wrld has rounded upĀ  a number of stylish fashionistas to participate in its official launch this spring. Notable tastemakers include designer Steve Alan, publicist and DJ May Kwok, fashion stylist Chelsa Skess, and fashion blogger Nicole Loher. These participants will curate their wardrobe and the items will be up for sale in the limited time frame.

Material Wrld