Build-Your-Own Lamp Slots Together Like A Toy [Pics]

Build-Your-Own Lamp Slots Together Like A Toy [Pics]

CONST by Thinkk studio combines functionality and fun with its three basic components (base, body and shade).

Emma Hutchings

Bangkok -based designers¬†Thinkk studio have created a lamp with three simple elements that fit together: “reminiscent of playing with block toys, CONST gives one the ability to have fun with functionality.”

The base is made from marble with curves on top where you can place your pencils or crayons. The oak body is octagonal and can be rotated to position the lamp at the perfect angle. The shade comes in either red, yellow or white, and houses an LED light. These basic components slot together into a design that playfully combines expression with function. Click through to see pictures of the desk lamp:

Thinkk studio