Couch WIth Built-In Speakers Lets You Connect Any Music Device

British retailer CSL launches a sofa that is compatible with most popular digital music players, has Bluetooth connectivity, and a 2.1 speaker system.

British specialist sofa retailer CSL has recently unveiled Sound Sofa, a unique sofa system designed to provide you an always-ready listening experience with most music players that are on the market. Designed with compatibility for sound devices as a key driving insight, Sound Sofa is equipped with an iPhone dock, Bluetooth connectivity, a USB port, SD card slot, stereo speakers, and a subwoofer, and can also play a variety of popular file formats. It may also be used to connect with bluetooth-enabled gaming devices such as a PSP Vita.

As part of CSL’s cosmos range, the Sound Sofa can be custom-arranged in a variety of ways–whether as a corner piece between two single seater arm chairs or as two seaters converging with a corner piece, among other potential combinations. At £999 per set, the Sound Sofa is available in black, chocolate, camel, wine, or bright purple.

Sound Sofas