Put Together DIY Leatherworks With Brand’s Step-By-Step Guides

Jepsen LeatherGoods offers instructions for creating your own leather passport holders and wallets.

Jepsen LeatherGoods creates quality leather accessories that are individually cut, dyed and stitched by hand in Madison, Wisconsin. The brand offers a selection of iPad cases, bike tool holders, belts and other products, with the intention that they’ll last a lifetime. It also markets its skills with DIY guides to help aspiring leatherworkers create their own items.

Craft DIY Leatherworks With Brand's Step-By-Step Guides

The step-by-step instructions should appeal to post-materialist consumers interested in durable goods and those nostalgic of craftier times. There are guides for creating a leather passport holder and a cowboy boot wallet, with a list of what you’ll need, the estimated time it will take to make, and easy to follow instructions along with lots of photographs.

Craft DIY Leatherworks With Brand's Step-By-Step Guides

Jepsen LeatherGoods