What If Kids Narrated BBC’s Planet Earth?

What If Kids Narrated BBC’s Planet Earth?

A group of youngsters were given an opportunity to narrate the broadcasting corporation's natural history series.

Kyana Gordon

To promote the Planet Earth marathon on BBC America over Earth Day weekend, director Joe Sabia created an adorable spot featuring a group of 4-7 year old children who replace famed natural history filmmaker and narrator, David Attenborough. The tongue-in-cheek auditions show each child trying out for the role and reading about mountains, deserts – one potential narrator goes off on a tangent about  how she likes eating cheeseburgers instead of sticking to the script on lizards. We must admit, seven year old Aiden gave Attenborough a run for his money with his expressive reading. What a great idea.

Watch the kids in action below:

BBC America: Planet Earth