Triple Pundit: Kraft Goes Green By Reducing Packaging

The company is focusing in on sustainability having eliminated 12.5 million travel miles from their operations.

Kraft Foods recently announced they have cut 45 million pounds of weight from the packaging of their products since 2010. According to their report entitled Creating a More Delicious World, in the last year the company also increased its amount of sustainable agricultural commodities by 36 percent. These have third party verification or certifications. They have also eliminated 12.5 million travel miles from their operations.

Through its innovation YES Pack, the company has seen a 60% reduction in plastic. The Huffington Post reported that this packaging was designed after a thorough LCA process. A more  functional packaging for salad dressing was desired by engineers at Kraft Foods. The one-gallon jugs made of HPDE was creating a lot of wasted dressing. The engineers came up with a solution that was lighter, flexible and made of squeezable materials made of nylon and polyethylene.

Kraft engineers then performed a LCA with PE International, a leading LCA firm. The study found that the YES Pack has significant environmental benefits – it required 50 percent less energy during production, uses 60 percent less plastic and reduces CO2 emissions by 70 percent.


(Article by Akhila VijayaraghavanContinue reading here.)

Originally published on Triple Pundit, republished with kind permission.