Modern Storytelling Documents The Family Experience In Real Time

Modern Storytelling Documents The Family Experience In Real Time

Examples of new technologies that are creating easy ways to record and share today's family events and memories anytime, and anywhere.

Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs

After analysis of hundreds of data points collected around the modern family experience and how it is changing, the PSFK consulting team recently noticed that a host of technology is offering families the chance to easily document, photograph, and record their experiences in unique and novel ways. When combined with straightforward sharing features, these technologies ensure that stories are readily disseminated across social networks to the benefit of family and friends.

Below are the examples we came across in our research that supported the theme ‘Modern Storytelling And Documenting The Family Experience Anywhere.’


Real Bonding Around The TV Via Skype


Recording App Let’s Families Document Their Stories In Real-Time


Kodak Camera With Built-In Wi-Fi Lets You Share Photos Instantly

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