Pinterest For GIFs Lets You Create Collaborative Images Online

A new social network lets users express themselves using only animated images.

If you’re looking to join a social network that really differentiates itself from those like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, then look no further. Gifpumper allows GIF-lovers to create animated 3D pages and have people explore or collaborate on the creations. At first glance, it looks like what appears to be a mishmash of Second Life and Tumblr, with a hint of 4chan.

Gifpumper members can decorate each page with text, images, videos, and music. These elements can be inserted and positioned on a XYZ coordinate plane so they can be later rotated to give a 3D feel. Users can collaborate on pages together and move around objects in real-time. In addition, you can ‘like’ a page and share the direct link of any of the active pages.

Although Gifpumper won’t be replacing traditional social media platforms yet, it’s certainly an interesting and unique way for users to express their feelings, thoughts, and messages.