Artist Creates Portraits Using A Vintage Typewriter As A Brush

Replacing traditional art tools with the keys of the old machines, Keira Rathbone revisits an era of history while merging it with a modern print style.

Keira Rathbone is bringing back an essential office tool by creating intricate artworks with nothing more than a vintage typewriter. By applying characters to the paper one line at a time and then going backwards and forwards over the same spot, she creates layers of shading similar to a painter using a brush. Her work is akin to ASCII art, except analog rather than digital. However, a digital canvas would not allow for the same detailed layers seen in Rathbone’s work.

Putting to use her collection of over 30 typewriters, Rathbone is expanding their usefulness beyond writing and printing purposes, while simultaneously branding herself as a performance artist. She is often seen dressed in attire appropriately matching the era of the typewriter, working away on her projects in public.

Check out the video below to see the artist in action:

Keira Rathbone