Smart Pavement Provides Wi-Fi To Passers-By

iPavement gives users access to apps such as a virtual library, maps, music, alerts, coupons and analytics.

A Spanish tech company has developed paving stones that offer wi-fi to passers-by. Known as iPavement, these smart square tiles are embedded with a 5GB microprocessor that communicates with mobile devices nearby. The tiles also provide a selection of apps, available in a number of languages, for people to use when they are in the area.

Smart Paving Stones Provide Wi-Fi To Passers-By

These include a virtual library, maps of the city showing points of interest, a music service, a coupon catalogue promoting local products and services, emergency notifications, and statistics about the street and nearby public spaces such as foot traffic. iPavement’s system works with most browsers and it is due to launch in July.

Smart Paving Stones Provide Wi-Fi To Passers-By