Springwise: Will Ethical Product Placement Force The Industry To Go Green?

Green Product Placement, a New York-based company, works on behalf of eco-minded goods makers to ensure their products become an integral part of the production design in a film, television program or web series.

Product placement firms have been around for years, and we’ve seen versions of them focusing on both YouTube and Instagram. The latest twist in this industry? Green Product Placement, a New York-based company that works on behalf of makers of eco-minded goods.

Green Product Placement is “committed to using the marketing platform of media product placement to promote products with a green, ethical, social enterprising and local entrepreneurial agenda,” in the company’s own words. Accordingly, it works to ensure that the products of its clients get seen and used as an integral part of the production design in a film, television program or web series. Green Product Placement aims to keep its own business operations as sustainable as possible as well, including using carbon neutral web hosting, a virtually paperless office, and minimal travel, it says.

There’s no doubt that today’s consumers are increasingly concerned about the environment. When purchasing products and services, in fact, roughly 50 percent look for labels regarding energy efficiency, are more likely to purchase the products and services of environmentally conscious companies, and are more loyal to these companies than other shoppers are, according to iKS. How could your company help eco-conscious shoppers and brands connect?

Website: www.greenproductplacement.com/us
Contact: info@greenproductplacement.com

Spotted by: Florent Lesauvage

Originally published on Springwise, republished with kind permission.

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