Artist Dresses Famous American Celebrities And Politicians In Traditional Arab Garb [Pics]

In an effort to promote tolerance, Mohammed Kanoo forces the viewer to reassess their notions about foreign cultures.

In a recent art exhibition in the UAE’s Meem Gallery, Mohammed Kanoo chose to depict various celebrities and politicians dressed in traditional Arab attire. In Fun with Fen (Fen meaning art) the Bahraini artist shows sense of humor by using digital prints of politicians and Hollywood celebrities like Will Smith, Angela Jolie, John Travolta, Barack Obama and Clint Eastwood to provoke viewers into thinking about the dynamics of international diplomacy and social tolerance.

In his own words:

The bottom line is that if tolerance is an important aspect of our faith as Arabs and Muslims, contemporary human difficulties are represented as common problems for all of humanity and that is what brings us together more than what divides us.

Click through the thumbnails below to see more of the thought-provoking images.

The exhibition also features other work by Kanoo where he makes tongue-in-cheek references to Hokusai’s The Great Wave which is symbolic of his attempts as an artist to create art that can be understood regardless of one’s ethnic and political background.


Meem Gallery