Kids Grow Kale For Zoo Animals To Encourage Their Own Healthy Habits

School program coordinates with local animal enclosure to promote good nutrition for children.

Lamya Hussain
Lamya Hussain on May 21, 2012.

Denver Zoo has partnered with Real Food Colorado to work with local farmers to provide organic, fresh local produce for zoo animals. Jennifer Hale, the Sustainability Coordinator at the Denver Zoo expresses her excitement for this educational and sustainable collaboration—School Garden to Zoo Program. The initiative is unique as it encourages the importance of organic produce while also takes into account the importance of feeding zoo animals fresh local produce. Principal Julia Erlbaum explains the founding sentiment of this project via Boulder Locavore:

Lets grow kale for the animals so the kids will want to eat kale.

Encompassing both healthy eating habits for children and education around organic produce this initiative is creating a buzz across Denver.

Real Food Colorado

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