Laser Optical System Gauges And Tracks Your Biking Performance

Laser Spoke is a digital measuring device that tracks cyclists’ power using a laser and a position-sensitive detector.

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Laser Spoke is a digital measuring device for cyclists, which provides direct indication of fitness and performance. It accurately monitors the power produced during cycling, and works on any bike, including BMXs, racing bicycles, and tandems.

Power is measured using a precise laser system. A laser and a position-sensitive detector are mounted on the hub and an optical right-angle prism is attached to the rim. When the bike is in operation, a beam is projected from the laser and forms a light spot on the detector surface. An electrical signal is then produced, which is proportional to the position of the light spot, the beam deflection and the applied torque. Laser Spoke is currently seeking funding on Indie GoGo for the development of its prototype into a production-ready model. Watch the video below to find out more about this device:

Laser Spoke