Magnetic Case Transforms Smartphones Into A Hands-Free Wall Display [Pics]

Wallee M is a magnetic mounting system that allows iPhones and Androids to be easily transformed into hands-free displays in the kitchen, in cars, etc.

Wallee M is a modular magnetic mounting system that allows smartphones to be used as hands-free displays. Developed by boutique product design company Studio Proper, who are based in Melbourne, Australia, the range of accessories includes cases for the iPhone 4/4S and Samsung Galaxy Nexus, mount disks, a car mount, and a pivot stand. These are embedded with powerful (and cellphone safe) rare earth magnets, and the system offers a high level of functionality while staying true to the aesthetic and convenience of the devices.

The lightweight and durable Wallee M cases and modular accessories are currently featured on Kickstarter, with pledges ranging from $40 to $105 for the full set. Click through to see pictures of the magnetic mounting system:

Wallee M