Mechanical Coat Rack Moves When A Jacket Is Removed [Video]

Nicole Schindelholz’s mobile-like interactive hanging device responds to items being placed on it and taken off.

Berlin-based designer and Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Nicole Schindelholz created a mechanical coat rack called ‘Respond’ for her graduation project. The interactive piece moves when items are placed on the hooks or removed, as it reacts to the change in weight. Schindelholz notes that she wanted to ensure that people could see how the product works, so they can enjoy understanding how technology works.

Mechanical Coat Rack Moves When A Jacket Is Removed [Video]

‘respond’ is an interactive coat rack, which moves when a coat is hung on it. it is an ingenious weight system, using precision carpentry and the element of surprise. after all, surprise arouses curiosity, and curiosity can lead you to the pleasure of understanding.

Check out the video below to see the coat rack in action:

Nicole Schindelholz