Follow Team’s Mt. Everest Climb On Instagram Every Step Of The Way

Follow the progress of these expedition members via the popular photo-sharing app.

The North Face global athlete team collaborated with National Geographic to document their Mount Everest climb with the photo-sharing app. Users can track the team’s progress by following the hashtag #oneverest. Health devices are also worn by the expedition members so their heart rates can be monitored 24/7.

Conrad Anker, the leader of the 2012 National Geographic Everest expedition, comments that, “We will be sharing images from Nepal as we trek to #basecamp and on the mountain. If we are lucky we might even share from the summit!”

The climbers recently started their trek in Nepal and have shared some amazing photos from the Kathmandu Valley, including the Namache Bazaar villlage, the Bodnath Buddhist temple, and the Thanka School.

Everest Expedition 2012