Online Dating Site Integrates Game Play Into Matchmaking is introducing seven games this summer designed to help members figure out whether they have chemistry together before going on a date.

Online dating sites are introducing new tactics to get people to interact and express themselves better. has created a series of two-player games designed to help its members figure out whether they have chemistry before going on a date. This summer, the site is launching seven games that are structured to create shared experiences while encouraging a more natural way of interacting through instant messaging.

Online Dating Integrates Online Games

The 1-5 minute games include ‘Food Critic’, where members compare their favorite places to eat, and ‘Romance Rip Off’, which lets them work together to create a romantic story by taking turns to add the next line. There is also the simple word association game ‘Gut Reaction’, guess-the-sketch game ‘Drawn Together’, and fun question game ‘If I Could’. president Mandy Ginsberg discusses the new strategy:

Our new games tackle one of online dating’s traditional shortcomings. Online dating has been an effective way to meet, but it’s not always the best way to get to know someone.┬áThe games are fun and easy to play, and they allow our members to figure out whether they have chemistry with each other before going out on a date.