Private & Protected Search Engine Won’t Sell Your Info For Profit

Yippy offers an online service you can trust, with secure web browsing and search capabilities.

Yippy is a web service that queries several top search engines, combines the results, and groups them into “clouds”. These clouds display your search results by topic so you can find exactly what you’re looking for or discover unexpected relationships between items. Yippy’s main focus is privacy and protection and unlike other web services, they don’t sell your personal information, track your activity, store your history, or monitor your searches.

Private & Protected Search Engine Won't Sell Your Info For Profit

Yippy claims to offer secure web browsing and search capabilities with a family-friendly platform that protects users from the “more unseemly elements of the web.” It also offers web-based email, documents, calendars, 2GB of storage, video conferencing, news feeds, video games, radio streaming and lots of other features. You can find out more about Yippy by watching the video below: