What Is A Brogrammer?

The era of the "brogrammer" ushers in a new mentality for the tech community.

Lisa Baldini
Lisa Baldini on May 8, 2012.



With the growing ubiquity of tech jobs, so do we see the culture/cult of the programming community becoming transformed from detail-oriented innovators to “brogrammers” — think charismatic boys club. There is no doubt that as the tech industry grows, the types of personalities that come to dominate will be more diverse. However, this new breed of entrepreneurs are perceived as an alienating force for women and men alike.

Although we may read this as symptomatic of the unpoliced sky’s-the-limit mentality that has fueled the rise of many social media startups, the rise of the “brogrammer” may be symptomatic of an industry that values people in terms of their social klout as opposed to just their skill set, and what gets people talking quicker than sharp witticism and provocative statements?

What this means for the evolution of the tech business is unclear from a product standpoint. What has become clear is this is the era of personalities. Naturally, we must wait to see if the content of the personality fulfills our ability to push the boundaries of technology?

CNN Tech: “In Tech, Some Bemoan The Rise Of ‘Brogrammer’ Culture”

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