Athletes From 1948 London Olympics Hold Portraits Of Their Former Selves [Pics]

Photographer Katherine Green has tracked down Olympians for a series of photos that show how the event has changed since the last time it was held in the British capital.

Photographer Katherine Green has tracked down, photographed, and interviewed members of the British Team from the 1948 Olympics for a project charting how the event has changed over the past 60+ years. 1948 was the last time the Olympics was held in London and it was very different as the country was recovering from war, the athletes weren’t paid, they trained on rations whilst working full-time, and most had to sew their own kits by hand.

The Olympians share their extraordinary stories in this project, which is on show at the Tokarska Gallery in London until July 21st, and also features in a publication currently seeking support on crowdfunding website Unbound. Click through to see a selection of the athletes’ portraits:

Katherine Green