Bear Pillow Nudges Snoring Sleeper To Get Them To Turn Over

Researchers in Tokyo have developed an anti-snoring robotic pillow shaped like a polar bear for people suffering from sleep apnea.

Dr. Kabe from Waseda University in Tokyo has developed an anti-snoring robot called “Jukusui-kun” (“Deep Sleep”), a polar bear-shaped pillow device to help people suffering from sleep apnea.

The user attaches a pulse-oxygen meter (which also looks like a polar bear) to their hand and lies down on the pillow, which has a microphone inside. When their oxygen level drops and the noise level increases (indicating that they are snoring), the polar bear’s ‘paw’ nudges the sleeper and gets them to turn over onto their side, which is a better postion for a peaceful night’s sleep. Check out the anti-snoring pillow in the video below:

Waseda University