Charcoal Optical Illusions Look Like 3D Images [Pics]

Charcoal Optical Illusions Look Like 3D Images [Pics]

A Japanese artist uses a stunning command of depth perception to draw artworks that "pop out" from paper.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon

Twenty-one year old Japanese artist and illustrator¬†Nagai Hideyuki blends his skills in utilizing charcoal and pencil with playful shifts in perspective to create mind-boggling artworks that “pop out” of notebook paper in a three-dimensional fashion.¬†Hideyuki, a self-described “anamorphic” artist, brings his creations to life using the Renaissance-old drawing technique of perspectival anamorphosis, which features seemingly distorted images that only make visual (and three-dimensional) sense when seen from a particular vantage point. From anime characters to impossible objects, Hideyuki’s drawings challenge and entice the visual sense.

See more of Hideyuki’s creative artworks in the gallery below:

Nagai Hideyuki