Reading Lamp Dims As You Power Other Objects

The ‘ökay?!’ lamp features a base with sockets for plugging in other electronics but the more you plug in, the dimmer the light shines.

German designer Philipp Käfer‘s ‘ökay?!’ reading lamp features a base that has sockets for other electrical devices, so you can plug in your tablet, phone, or computer. However, the more devices you plug in, the dimmer the light shines. This serves as a visual reminder that energy comes at a cost and electricity isn’t unlimited.

Reading Lamp Lets You Power Other Devices, But At A Cost

The designer comments:

Electric energy comes out of a socket and we can have as much as we want. There are more than enough apps, games, programs and all kinds of other media that crave our attention. So, it is no wonder that we let several things run at the same time, without thinking twice about it, even if we don’t need anything else but enough light to read a book.

Philipp Käfer

Photos by Sarah Doerfel