DIY Assembly Shoes Made With A Single Lace [Pics]

Gaspard Tiné-Berès’ Lasso Shoes are made from a single piece of felt and are shipped flat to buyers, who sew the seams themselves.

French design graduate Gaspard Tiné-Berès from the Royal College of Art in London has designed felt shoes that the wearer assembles using a shoelace. Lasso Shoes are made from a single piece of natural wool felt, die-cut from 5mm sheets. They are delivered flat-packed and assembled by the buyer instead of the maker, who sews the seams with a lace supplied in their chosen color. According to the designer, this act increases the sense of ownership and emotional connection with the shoes, while also allowing for personalization.

Tiné-Berès’ work is currently on display at Show RCA until July 1st and a range of Lasso Shoes will be available in ten standard sizes on a dedicated website from September. Click through to see pictures of the shoes:

Lasso Shoes