Doormat With Suction Cups Automatically Cleans Dirt From People’s Shoes [Video]

A unique mat vacuums the soles of footwear whenever someone steps on it.

Japanese company, Paionia Furyokuki, has developed a high-tech doormat that automatically sucks the dirt from the soles of shoes when someone steps on it. The mat is covered in suction caps that act as small vacuum cleaners to keep homes or buildings cleaner inside. The dirt is collected into a container which can easily be emptied.

Satoshi Harada, company spokesperson, explained that, “The mat has an unusual concept, as the mat itself stops dirt from being carried into a building, by cleaning people’s shoes.”

The suction mat is mainly targeted at large office and commercial buildings, as a 50cm x 100cm mat will retail for $6,250. Watch the video below for a demonstration of how the mat works:

Paionia Furyokuki