Moving Geometric Facade Blocks Out Sunlight To Keep Buildings Cool [Pics]

Eye-catching design reduces the dependence on air conditioning in hot climates.

The Al Bahar Towers are 25-story-tall, located in Abu Dhabi where temperatures can soar up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Although having the air conditioning running all day can keep the building cool, it uses a massive amounts of energy and can be quite costly. Aedas Architects and Arup Engineers have come up with a solution that’s not only effective in keeping temperatures down, but also has a beautiful design that adds a whole new architectural dimension to the structure.

The concept comprises of over 1,000 moving geometric patterns that act like a screen around the building. Depending on the sun’s position, these shapes can contract and expand to let in or block out sunlight. The structure can reduce solar gain by 50 percent, thus, decreasing the dependence on air conditioning.