Read The Paper In A Traffic Jam With Ford’s Automated Driverless Mode

New technology allows drivers to do other things when stuck in a gridlock situation.

Ford’s upcoming Traffic Jam Assist system means drivers can use their two hands for other things when stuck in a gridlock situation. When the feature is switched on, the system automatically ‘drives’ the car by accelerating and braking according to the traffic ahead. The driverless technology allows users to read the newspaper, check their e-mails, and finish their breakfast.

According to Ford, drivers spend nearly 30 percent of their time in heavy traffic. Joseph Urhahne, an engineer at Ford, explained that, “Traffic Jam Assist could make unavoidable traffic jams less stressful and less tiring for the drivers who must negotiate them.”

Hands-free vehicles becoming mainstream could happen sooner than later. Last month, Volvo successfully tested out driverless cars on the public roads in Spain. The vehicles traveled a total of 200km among normal cars.