Artist Creates Giant Food Landscapes Using Toy Figurines [Pics]


Miniature people interact with cereal and cheese to create a whimsical effect.

Yi Chen

Seattle-based photographer, Christopher Boffoli, is famous for combining toy figurines with food. His photographs are often whimsical, humorous, and sometimes dark. By placing miniature figurines into the scene, Boffoli is able to turn ordinary food into incredible landscapes. Breakfast cereals become colorful boulders, a piece of cheese resembles a moon, and a small crayfish becomes a giant sea creature to tackle.

Besides the comical appeal of the photos, there’s a more serious underlying message in Boffoli’s pictures, subtly suggesting American excess when it comes to food. Boffoli opened a solo show at the Winston W√§tcher Fine Art gallery in New York on 21 June and will run through to 24 August. The exhibit will be Boffoli’s biggest show to date, showcasing 44 large mounted pieces.

Click through the thumbnails below to see more images from the show:

Christopher Boffoli

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