Updated Crib Puts Baby To Sleep In A Hypo-Allergenic Bubble

Lana Agiyan has created a bowl-shaped, transparent bed designed for infants up to 5 months old, which is self-cleansing and odor repellant.

Russian designer and mother-of-two Lana Agiyan creates multifunctional products for children. Her ‘Bubble Baby Bed‘ is an update on the traditional crib that has a number of features designed to keep your child happy and healthy. The bowl-shaped bed, which resembles a traditional Russian tumbler-toy, can slightly rock in any direction and returns to an upright position due to its plexiglas weight center.

Instead Of A Crib, Put Baby In A Hypo-Allergenic Bubble

Designed for children up to 5 months old, the bed is made from acrylic plastic with a special nano tech coating. It is lightweight, hygienic, easy to wash, and strong. The child-safe, eco-friendly coating degrades dirt and air pollution when exposed to sunlight, and fills scratches to protect the surface against germs and damage.

Instead Of A Crib, Put Baby In A Hypo-Allergenic Bubble

The mattress cover is made of pure wool with a layer of buckwheat hulls inside. This provides additional support and is naturally antibacterial, hypo-allergenic, anti-fungal, breathable, insulating, odor resisting, and also stimulates healthy blood flow.

Bubble Baby Bed