Robot Interior Decorators Create Coffee Tables And Tile Mosaics

RoboFold can manipulate 200lb sheets of metal into any design, and Artaic can create photo-realistic tile mosaics quickly and easily.

Furniture and design is being reimagined with the help of technology. Wired reports on two different companies who have built robots that are great at interior decorating, creating furniture out of metal and making mosaics that look like photographs.

RoboFold robots can fold 200lb sheets of material into any design, from metal sculptures to a futuristic coffee table. Designers use Rhino CAD to specify the shape they want and the robot gets to work. They can make furniture and objects that humans wouldn’t be able to make by hand, that would be too expensive to make with traditional machines, and they also cut down on material waste.

Interior Decorating Robots Create Coffee Tables And Tile Mosaics

Artaic robots can create photo-realistic tile mosaics with ease, in less time than it would take an artisan. They assemble tiles like the “pick and place” robots used in electronics manufacturing, creating large and striking images that are less costly than handmade designs. You can watch these two robots in action in the videos below: