$2000 Logitech Headphones Come With A Personal Service Specialist

$2000 Logitech Headphones Come With A Personal Service Specialist

The tech brand creates a set of earphones that is fully customized to suit each customer's listening preferences.

Yi Chen

Logitech has created a new line or personalized headphones called ‘Ultimate Ears.’ The pair of headphones are hand-crafted and custom-fit and finished for the wearer. Each headphone is unique and fits comfortably in the user’s ear. The headphones are also personally tuned to suit the consumer’s listening preferences, and music choice.

Every customer who purchases a pair of Ultimate Ears is assigned a dedicated personal service specialist who assists the consumer in the process of fitting, designing, and tuning. The personalized headphones are already being used by artists, athletes, and celebrities, including Aerosmith, Lady Gaga, JR Smith, Tom Hanks, and Kanye West.

However, the exclusive product and service doesn’t come cheap, costing around $2,000 for a pair of the headphones.

Logitech Ultimate Ears