New Appliance Makes Your Own Beauty Products At Home

‘Naturalis’ by EliumStudio is a gadget that makes skin care and beauty products like lip balms and hand creams.

Naturalis‘ by Paris-based EliumStudio for German company Rowenta, is an appliance for creating homemade skin care and beauty products, which could disrupt the beauty market by bringing professional tools into the home. The household gadget, created in collaboration with derma nutrition experts, allows users to create different lip balms, hand creams, face masks, and moisturisers.

Make Your Own Beauty Products At Home

It comes with a recipe book (which helps guide users through the four key stages of cleansing, preparing, maintaining natural moisture, and nourishing) and a care guide (which includes advice about making the best product for their skin type). ‘Naturalis’ uses ‘Helical Emulsion Technology’ to prepare the formulas, with a cold program for developing masks and peels, and a hot program for producing creams, milks and balms.

Make Your Own Beauty Products At Home