Simple Nostalgic Toaster Helps Users Slow Down And Enjoy The Morning [Pics]

Appliance goes low-tech to remind us to relax during our daily routine.

Studio Bup from Canada has created the Bao Toaster that is inspired by classical toasters. The everyday appliance is simplified with no high-tech features or even buttons. In a world where everything needs to happen in an instant, the Bao Toaster ensures users to enjoy breakfast again at a slower pace.

The simple toaster is made from ceramic and the heating coil inside is wired in a shape of a lightbulb. The mechanics and design of the toaster is intuitive and transparent. Users can clearly see the slice of bread being toasted and how the appliance works.

The Bao Toaster can only heat up one side of the bread slice at a time, and requires the user to manually adjust and monitor the color of the toast. It presents an opportunity for the user to slow down and enjoy the morning ritual.

Bao Toaster