Giant Game Of Truth Or Dare Forces New Yorkers Out Of Their Shells

Copywriter Chelsea Davison creates a massive version of the game with perfect strangers in a city park.

Allie Walker
Allie Walker on June 13, 2012. @NYC_Allie

Truth or Dare is normally reserved for playing with a group of intimate friends. It’s a delicate game, forcing players to divulge secrets or little known facts about themselves when they pick ‘truth’ or — for those wanting to preserve their aura of mystique — a game that forces players to perform ludicrous, embarrassing, or challenging stunts when they pick ‘dare.’

How would this interesting game play out in a public place, with perfect strangers? In an experiment that delved into the psyche of tight-lipped, privacy-craving New Yorkers, copywriter Chelsea Davison decided to create a giant game of Truth or Dare, placing 300 cards with questions and challenges around Washington Square Park.

To answer a truth, players tweeted to @truthordarenyc. And to complete a dare, people had to perform (often embarrassing) tasks around the park. On one hand, those who chose to answer the truths kept their anonymity in the park, but broadcasted their secrets in the social media world. On the other hand, those who chose to perform the dares forced real-time interaction with strangers.

And the somewhat surprising result of the experiment? Maybe New Yorkers just need a little push to get out of their shells–most of the game players chose to perform a dare over answering a truth– choosing to do things like hugging a stranger or quacking like a duck over answering questions like ‘have you ever lied on a resume?’ or ‘if you could punch anyone in the face without punishment, who would it be?’

Watch the game of Truth or Dare NYC unfold below:

Chelsea Davison

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