Origami-Inspired Ceiling Adjusts Room Acoustics In Real-Time

Origami-Inspired Ceiling Adjusts Room Acoustics In Real-Time

A student project leverages principles of the traditional Japanese craft to create a breakthrough spatial sound solution.

Plus Aziz

A group of faculty and students¬†at the University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning¬†teamed up with ARUP Acoustics to create Resonant Chamber, “an interactive interior envelope system that transforms the acoustic environment through dynamic spatial, material and electro-acoustic technologies.”

The system is equipped with various panels (i.e. electronics panels, reflector panels, and absorptive composite panels) that help the flexible structure respond and help redesign sound in response to changing acoustic situations.

The system deploys the principles of rigid origami to create a thick, transformable surface able to adjust its spatial and material properties in response to changing conditions.

Watch the video below to see the creation process from conception to execution.