Pentagram Compares Their 40 Years Of Work To The Life Of A Child [Video]


The design firm likens itself to a child growing up, using the brands they've worked with to create the story.

Yi Chen

Pentagram, a multi-disciplinary design firm with offices in New York, London, and Berlin and around the world, celebrated its 40th birthday by creating a short video highlighting the firm’s first four decades of work. The video, ‘Forty Story,’ tells the history of Pentagram’s work with famous brands like Clarks, Nissan, Kenwood, The Guardian, World Cup ’94, and Citibank by relating Pentagram to a child growing up.

The three-minute film starts with the boy’s birth on June 12, 1972, (the day Pentagram was ‘born’) with the narrator telling the viewer:

A child was born in a car on a petrol station forecourt (a nod to the firm’s first client, BP). He develops unusually quickly. By the age of 1 he’s walking (reference to work with Clark’s)…

The video continues to the present day, incorporating many of Pentagram’s clients and designs into the narrative.

Watch the clever and innovative video below:


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