Bring Your Physical LEGO Creations To Life In A Video Game [Video]

A new concept from Wonder Years called ‘BrainBricks’ lets you build a Lego creation and upload it to a mobile device to play with it in an online game.

Dutch duo Bas van de Poel and Daan van Dam from Wonder Years have created a Lego concept called ‘BrainBricks’ that bridges physical and digital gameplay. Tiny sensors in the bricks enable them to ‘understand’ their configuration and wirelessly communicate it to any mobile device. This allows the user to upload their creations to a Lego gaming app and bring them to life by playing with them in the video game. The better the creation, the better it performs in the game. Check out the concept’s video below:

LEGO® BrainBricks from Wonder Years on Vimeo.

Wonder Years