PSFK CONFERENCE NYC: 20 Change-Making Videos

PSFK CONFERENCE NYC: 20 Change-Making Videos

The full list of talks by an incredible mix of artists, designers, marketers and technologists inspire our audience of creative professionals.

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 2 june 2012

Earlier this year, PSFK hosted its sixth annual conference celebrating new ideas. An audience of creative professionals from across advertising, design, marketing and technology industries listened to a mix of inspirational speakers curated by the PSFK editorial team. Here’s the full list of 20 talks.

Clay Shirky: What I Learned About Creativity By Watching Creatives

Digital thought-leader describes five student projects that he thinks are pushing the creative boundaries – from interface design to how people cluster to build new work. Video

Steve Powers: Distilling Daily Stories Into Art

Artist describes how he brings storytelling to the streets. Video

Graham Hill: Are You Ready To Life-Edit?

Designer and environmentalist says that it’s time to reduce, remove and re-imagine. Video

Steve Clayton: How To Design Technology So It Becomes Natural

Technologist describes a future-forward vision where gesture, sound and artificial-intuition will create a world that extends the possibilities of our creativity. Video

Todd Carmichael: Expect Your Brand To Act & Behave Like A Decent Person

Coffee-roaster explains how his company La Colombe needs to think and act like a human being. Video

Rachel Shechtman: Why We Should Plan Retail Like Publishing

Store-owner believes that the future of consumption needs to be more about content and community. Video

Alain Sylvain: Could You Live On $1.50 A Day?

Ad-exec explains that the Global Poverty Project is running a campaign called Live Below the Line which challenges people to live on $1.50/food day to raise awareness about extreme poverty.Video

Robert Kirkpatrick: How The United Nations Is Using Social Data To Spot Disasters

By using data for good, the UN can respond to disaster rapidly – rather than well after the fact. Video

Simon Collins: How Saying ‘No’ Transformed Parsons Into A Global Brand

Dean of Fashion talks of the importance of selectivity in growing reputation. Video

DJ Spooky Performance At PSFK CONFERENCE NYC

A live music mash-up of his Antartica-inspired music using a violinist and a DJ using his app. Video

Justin Gignac Paints What He Wants To Raise Money For Charity

When someone buys one of the artist’s t-shirts, the money goes towards what’s printed on it. Video

Grant McCracken Spots A Culture Creation Trend

Ethnographer explores a theme where creative minds were taking culture and remixing it to make new culture. Video

SwissMiss: How A Sabbatical From Clients Led To Business Success

Tina Roth Eisenberg describes projects including the temporary tattoo brand Tattly, her lecture series Creative Mornings, her efficiency tool TeuxDeux and her co-working space Studiomates. Video

Ben Lerer: Our Drive For A Deeper Level Of Engagement

Thrillist co-founder explains that he now is building web entities that have intent built into them. Video

Trends Panel: What Are The Five Big Ideas For 2012?

Brett Martin of Sonar, David Polinchock of AT&T Labs, Michael Karnjanaprakorn of Skillshare, Idan Cohen of Boxee and John Pugh of Boehringer Ingelheim discuss the impact of the latest trends. Video

Vikram Gandhi: Directing Kumaré – From Illusion Comes Truth

How the film-maker dressed up as a guru, created a backstory with YouTube video and website to recruit devoted followers in Arizona. Video

Shantell Martin: Be More, Do Less

Artist explains how she realized that she could elevate her work by simplifying her life. Video

Jason Silva: How Ideas Are Living, Beautiful Beings Of Wonder

Futurist’s exploration of how technology can quickly manifest our ideas and desires. Video

Jonathan Harris: Cowbird And Humanizing The Web

How artist walked away from success and notoriety and was inspired to counter current trends to build a place of timeless storytelling. Video

Abe Burmeister: How I Built A Fashion Brand With No Experience, Just Punk Rock Spirit (And The Web)

Entrepreneur describes how he paired intensive research in New York’s garment district with the connectivity of the web to create a performance fashion business that only sells over the web. Video

Like these talks? Come to see more in LONDON and SAN FRANCISCO later this year!


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