Re-Usable, Stackable Housing Units Will Prevent Another ‘Superdome’

The Reaction Housing System has been designed to cut the response time needed to get temporary, emergency housing to victims of natural disasters.

The Reaction Housing System has been designed to reduce the response time needed to provide temporary, emergency housing for victims of natural disasters. These reusable units (called “Exos”) can be compactly stored in a warehouse until they are needed.

The innovative housing is comprised of two components, base plates and upper shells, which can be stacked on top of each other. After the base plate is positioned in the desired location, four workers are able to lift the shell onto it and connect them together using clasps. This installation process only takes around two minutes per housing unit.

Re-Usable, Stackable Housing Units Promise Quicker Response For Emergencies

About 300,000 units can fit on a single cargo ship, and delivered to an area that needs shelter for refugees. The units feature hook-ups for power, heating/air conditioning, sewage, and water, and are designed to house a family of four. They are also modular, and can be combined for an even larger living area. The lightweight, low-cost units (about $5,000 each) are designed so that shipping and installation costs will be very small, and so they can be cleaned and reused when no longer needed. Check out the video below for more information:

Reaction Housing System