Removable Prints Allow You To Keep The T-Shirt, Change The Design

Refinity’s Fioen van Balgooi develops a project that allows garments to change their appearances instead of being discarded for new designs.

Refinity‘s Fioen van Balgooi has developed a project that makes it possible to remove prints from textiles and reprint the items. In collaboration with fashion designer Anne Noordegraaf and More Tea Vicar, she created several garden-themed items made of GOTS-certified organic cotton and printed with ink that can be entirely removed.

Removable Prints Allow You To Keep The T-Shirt, Change The Design

Neither the ink or the detergent contain harmful substances, and prints are machine washable so can be worn more than once. This technique means that fewer textile items are needed so there would be less long distance transport of raw materials. Also, the prints can be removed before textiles are recycled, which gives the fabric a single colour when it is shredded and enables the fibres to be spun into a high quality solid coloured thread.

Refinity is currently working on developing and commercializing this project, and has a number of improvments it would like to make. These include making the ink more suitable for printing and for different types of textiles, creating a return system for textile items, a closed printing– and removing process, and using electricity from solar power.