Become A Rock Star Just By Using A Urinal

Billboard Music Brazil lets men create their own ‘mPEE3s’ when they relieve themselves.

Everyone loves a little bathroom humor! This campaign for Billboard Music Brazil lets men create their own ‘mPEE3s’ just by using a urinal. ‘Guitar Pee,’ created by Brazilian ad agency almapBBDO, is an anatomically correct guitar-shaped urinal that plays the hits (or rather, plays when hit). The guitar’s neck and fretboard extend from the top of the urinal, and in the middle of the ‘guitar,’ men can find a ‘sound hole;’ sensor-mounted ‘strings’ inside the urinal that play a different note when hit with varying streams of pressure.

After men have had a rockin’ good time relieving themselves and flushed the urinal, a Billboard branded sign displays a number for them to copy into to stream and listen to their very own rock solo, or ‘mPEE3.’

Guitar Pee can be found in several bars in São Paolo, and the campaign really does promote Billboard’s tagline: ‘Music. We Know It Comes From Everywhere.’

Watch Guitar Pee in action below:

 Guitar Pee