Self-Adjustable Glasses Let Wearers ReFocus With The Turn Of A Dial

New lens technology allow users to alter their own prescription.

A UK-based company has created Eyejusters that look like an ordinary pair of glasses, but with a small discrete dial on the side. The dial can be turned to allow the wearer to self-adjust their prescription without having to see an optometrists for a new pair.

Eyejusters are fitted with SlideLens technology, a pair of lenses with a unique shape that can slide across each other to create a different spherical surface. The company hopes that the simplicity of the idea and design can help those in the developing world who don’t have access to optometrists, or can’t afford to buy a new pair.

The adjustable glasses will come in two sets, one for short-sighted wearers, and the other for long-sighted people. The frames are designed to fit any face shape and size, and also come in a range of colors.