Multi-Sensor Device Can Measure Temperature, Humidity & BAC And Fits On Your Keychain [Video]

A Kickstarter-funded project aims to connect the world with just one gadget that connects to a user’s smartphone.

Tech company Sensorcon has described its new device the ‘Sensordrone’ as the “sixth sense of your smartphone.” The compact, multi-sensor gadget is small enough to fit on a keychain and can have hundreds of useful applications. It wirelessly syncs to your smartphone via Bluetooth and can used with apps to measure the temperature, humidity, light intensity, gas leaks, and even your BAC levels.

Sensordrone opens up opportunities for smartphone users to run sensor-enabled apps that previously weren’t possible, or were too costly. The company has already created six mobile apps that are compatible with the sensor, and will partner with developers to release more over time.

The project is being funded via Kickstarter and has already exceeded its pledged goal of $25,000 with 38 days still to go. The retail price of Sensordrone would be $199.

Check out the Kickstarter video below for more info.