Unlock All Of Your Passwords Just By Standing Next To Your Computer

Ford has created an app that unlocks all of your internet passwords when your mobile device is close to your computer and locks them when you move away.

Ogilvy Paris has developed a new app inspired by Ford’s key-free technology for unlocking and locking cars. ‘KeyFree Login‘ logs you in to all of your internet accounts (Facebook, Twitter, email, etc) by unlocking your passwords when your mobile device is close to your computer. When you move away, it locks them again by logging you out.

This app aims to make life more convenient by helping to avoid log-in fatigue for those with multiple internet passwords. The hands-free technology works on MacOS computers with Google Chrome and Bluetooth mobile devices. ‘KeyFree Login’ has launched on the Ford France website and is due to go global shortly. Check out the video below to learn more about the app:

Ford KeyFree Login