VW Promotes Commercial Vans With Giant QR Code Made From Orange Crates

The German auto company visualized the large capacity of its commercial vans by building a huge QR code of boxes that could fit inside each truck.

Volkswagen recently launched a QR code campaign to promote its line of commercial vans – Crafter. Developed by creative agency DDB Mexico, the campaign featured a huge structure with a QR Code made with actual boxes of oranges. When people scanned it, they would be directed to a video of how those boxes would fit inside a Crafter. The marketing stunt ran in Central de Abastos in Mexico City, the largest commercial space in Latin America for trading fruits, vegetables and raw products. Thanks to this promotion, Crafter increased brand awareness by 224% among regular visitors of Central de Abastos. DDB Mexico won the bronze medal in the Promo & Activation category for its work at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Check out the campaign below: