Window Pane Hacks Grow Vegetables And Dry Laundry In Small Spaces

These two design projects make the most of the limited space in urban homes by utilizing their windows.

These two window pane hacks are perfect for small, urban apartments where space is limited. Barreau&Charbonnet’s ‘Volet végétal‘ is a design that creates a new space for growing vegetables. Users attach the structure to the outside of their windows, creating a window pane of plants that lowers from the top, anchored by hinges at the bottom and controlled by pulleys. Check out the video below to see it in action:

Red dot award winner ‘Blindry‘ is a window blind that folds down into a laundry rack for drying clothes indoors. Designed by Kim Bobin and Ko Kyungeun, it uses sunlight to dry the laundry and leaves floor space unhindered.

Window Pane Hacks Grow Vegetables, Dry Laundry

Volet végétal